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In-House Tooth Extractions

In the unfortunate situation where a tooth is too damaged or infected to be saved, tooth extraction is the best option. Our oral surgeon can do most tooth extractions in-house, to avoid the inconvenience of referral to another office. Our compassionate manner and gentle touch will make you feel comfortable in our care for this treatment.


Replacing Missing Teeth

Once an extraction is completed, often the best option is to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. The loss of the tooth can result in diminishing bone in the jaw, which is prevented by the placement of an implant that stimulates healthy bone. The tooth placed on top of the post is secure and permanent, and it comes up through the gums just like a real tooth. Filling the gap prevents shifting of other teeth and resultant difficulties with chewing, talking, and altered appearance. Click here to learn more about how we can help you maintain a healthy smile with dental implants.


Saving Hopeless Teeth

Teeth with roots that have been damaged or infected can often be saved from extraction. In this procedure, our experienced oral surgeon skillfully removes the pulp chamber of a tooth and then fill it with a filling material, saving the tooth. With modern anesthetics and technology, root canals are quite manageable.

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